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Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 6:28 PM


Comcast business vs Xfinity confusion and poor service

After 20+ years with AT&T I decide to switch to Comcast. BIG MISTAKE. My business office is in my residence. I sign up for Comcast Business. The tech shows up & is ready to leave. What about my residential TV? I am informed for the first time that this is a separate company. So now I sign up for the Xfinity TV service. Now watching TV I keep getting error messages that I am not connected to Xfinity internet. No I am not, I am connected to Comcast Business Internet. Try fix the problem the support person suggests I switch from Comcast Business to Xfinity internet. I agree. I also need the Xfi wifi extenders as my house is on two floors. I have the option to pay $25 monthly to rent these wifi ext, or purchase them for $119. So I buy them. a few days later I receive bth the Xfinity modem & the Xfi extenders. I go to connect them. The modem only has 4 ethernet ports. My business needs 6. So now I tell the support person to cancel Xnifity internet, my businesses the priority & I will I've with the TV errors. They agree. 3 months go by. I call to ask for the return devices. I find out they never canceled as requested and have been charging me for both for 3 months. Now that will not accept the return of the Xfi box I purchased for $119. Still in an unopened sealed box. Comcast has stole $119 from me.

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Hello! We truly appreciate your feedback and value the time you have spent addressing some concerns you have with your business internet/residential TV service as well as billing concerns regarding the account that was not closed and the return of the X-Fi equipment. We are here to help offer you the best experience that we can and work with you to find a solution.

Just to clarify, is the account you mentioned that had not been canceled, now taken care of? Do you still need help to close that or go over any billing for that account specifically, aside from the X-Fi equipment?

Additionally, by X-Fi box, do you mean the Xfintiy X-Fi Pods? If so, what was the date you purchased those? I can go over our return policy for those.

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