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Thu, Jan 14, 2021 11:00 AM

Charges for repairs to outside cable lines

On January 6th, a Comcast Technician did some "routine maintenance" work on the cable lines attached to the telephone pole in front of my residence. Shortly after he left I lost all my services, (TV, INTERNET, & TELEPHONE). I called and reported the problem & a Comcast Technician came out on January 7th and had to run a new cable line from the telephone pole to my residence. I was billed $100. I don't understand the charge. The cable line replaced was outside my residence and I am not responsible for the failure, if anything, the Comcast Technician caused the failure.


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6 m ago

Hello, @Ronny2, I hope outside of this unexpected charge your week is going well. I'm glad your service is now working but I'm sorry about this potential incorrect charge. If this is accurate, I can credit the $100. Just send over your name, and service address in a private message so I can locate your account. If you have never sent us a PM this link can come in handy. The "Private Messenger" section at the bottom is a good reference to use.



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1 m ago

Yep!! I was charged $100 after I called saying my internet wasn’t working well. They sent someone out and the technician said the cable was recalled and replaced it. Thennn I get hit with a $100 fee. How wonderful. 

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