Friday, December 29th, 2023 3:26 AM

Charged me $125 for their technician to fix their problem

Then my service got disconnected. I was late paying but when they added it all together my bill was $440 something dollars for 2 months. Apparently I went over my limit and they were charging me $10 each time and I had no idea.. but do I still have to pay $340 something dollars to get it turned back on and then they made January a little bit less. For 2 weeks I had everyone in their mom jumping on my router through the moca network. And they have that guy to charge me to fix it and no refund or discount.

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4 months ago

@user_1rmepg Thanks for sharing your experience. This is a great place to do so, and also get help from the community. Having a tech out is usually done if something isn't resolved remotely, and a last resort as we try to troubleshoot everything as much as possible before sending one out. A service visit is not charged if the issue is caused by the service, or the equipment. Lines in the home or issues with them and the connectivity are not part of the service, so there can be a fee. Seeing other devices showing up through the Moca connection can be resolved without a tech. We have posts here in the community where customers get advice to add a Moca Filter on the back of the modem or on the wall, then connect the line and modem. That is an easy way to ensure only your devices are present, and one can get a filter from a local Xfinity store or hardware store to avoid a tech visit. Although other devices may show up, they're connected to their own network and not using any of your data. You can be comfortable with your network if you update the password and keep it safe. 

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