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Sun, Sep 27, 2020 10:00 AM

Channel errors

My cable won't go to some of the channels that normally work (i.e., 809, HD CBS) I keep getting an error warning (XRE03059) that says Please try again then "We're having some trouble on our end. This channel isn't currently available. Please try tuning away from this channel for a few seconds and then tun back to it. If that doesn't work, please try again in a few minutes". But then it doesn't work. Alternatively, I'm also getting some weird error message about an instant replay memory card when I try to go to those channels...I don't even know what it's talking about. I've done both restart and refresh (the 5 minute version and the 20 minute version) and neither of those have fixed it, and I can't get someone on the phone to talk to about it. This has been happening for the past 3-4 days consequtively. What to do, how to talk to a live person for customer support, etc?



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8 m ago

A live person isn’t going to do much. That code is a tuning error, channels come in on different frequencies and whatever channel you’re trying to access, the frequency is impeded. Check all your cables are tight, remove any unnecessary splitters and possibly have a tech out to troubleshoot further

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