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Mon, Jan 25, 2021 11:00 AM


changing plan

Is there any way to change our plan? I am getting aggrevated with the circles comcast puts customers through. Try to change plans online, get a sorry you have to contact an agent message. Use chat, goes in circle for awhile because they keep sending me to the change your plan page which lead to the contact an agent page. Finally get through to an agent, who says they can't help, you have to call  an agent instead. Call the number provided, never get through to an actual person, just keep looping through the same messages until you hang up. If I can't get this figured out soon, I will be dropping comcast all together. I rarely watch tv anyway and I can get internet and phone services from verizon without all the phone outages I get with comcast.

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1 y ago

I'm trying to change also but I keep going in a viral circle and cannot even call anywhere because they don't display anywhere.  The charges and agreement are changed without permission and its not how a human residential person even budgets.  data charges is the last straw.


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