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Sun, Sep 6, 2020 6:00 PM

Can't get an order right in 3 tires

Why is it Comcast/Xfinity can't seem to do anything right?  A week ago I added X1 cable tv to my plan by upgrading from a double-play to a triple-play plan.  The 1st cable box they sent out was an X1 box, but it was old and damaged.  The threads on the connector were mangled so that a cable could not be attached.  This meant it was recycled without being tested or inspected.  The 2nd box they sent me was an Explorer box, not an X1 box.  Since I had paid for priority shipping, I was promised a 3rd box no later than yesterday via UPS Nex Day.  So far it hasn'[t even been shipped.  I'm sick of dealing with these people on the phone since some of them barely speak English.  Messages on Facebook are answered by bots.  I guess I have no choice but to wait to see if the box ships on Tuesday after the holiday, and if not, I'll have to call again and hope I can understand what the person is saying.


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