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Tue, Dec 8, 2020 10:00 AM

Canceling a new cable internet

Hello I wanted to advise  on a cancellation that I did today on a new home (been with Xfinity for 8 years in current home) .  I was told congratulations I could get DYI Xfinity at my new residence which I raced out to grab after signing new deal. When I got to the Xfinity store the guys were perplexed that I had a DYI kit without a modem , I advised I was going to get my own but did not have it as of this order. The way it was written up it did not work out that way and I left the store with a modem that I was supposed to bring back 2 days ago. After sitting in the store for a hour to figure out how to make the sale go through the store I was picking up the modem was closed. I decided to call and get the modem they gave me activated so I could get internet going for my security system . This is when things got messed up , I didn't get a signal from the box /line outside and was advised a pro can come out and is only $70 ! I said no and we ended the call, yesterday I called retention and was told I could get it down to $35 because I was a long time customer and that I would get the modem in my possession for 1 year rent free. She advised me COVID has had them cut installs and that a specialist would call me with appointments. That never happened so today.....I called to see about the appointment and was told I had to do all this modem troubleshooting! What??. At this point I'm done just cancel me , got on line w retention and he advised me that the issue was that the house has not had Xfinity since 2016 and that it's just $39.99 and get my issues squared away. I advised him I was not going to get charged to hook this up after I was told I could DYI for free only to be told "for only $39.99....." After I declined that he advised me he could knock it down to $25., told him no just cancel.  Then he sealed the deal by saying. "you are going to cancel 8 years of great service for $25?" Wow I think the real question should be are you losing a customer who signed a 2 year contract worth $3,600 to Xfinity ?? I'm about to make a trip up to the Xfinity store w all this equipment and turn it in , this has been a horrible 3 days of nonsense and the whole issue here is that the phone guy wanted to make a sale so bad he lied and told me I could DYI . So dumb to have a multi billion dollar company use so much time and efforts in the retention department instead of making a simple decision prior to all this .



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Hi @Tr3915

Thank you for posting to the Xfinity Forum to share your experience. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused. I understand your frustration. If it isn't too late, I'd like to help make this right. Can you send a private message? To send a private message, click on my name, "ComcastChe," and then click send a message. Please include your first and last name and address. 


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