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Wed, Sep 9, 2020 10:00 AM

Cable drop/Bury

Hello Xfinity Team!

I am growing increasingly frustrated with my drop/bury request. Only today was I finally in touch with a customer service agent who gave me thorough answers to my questions. He was genuinely helpful. I told him that the markings for gas, electric, etc we’re done OVER 2 weeks ago, but INCORRECTLY as the instructions given to them by you guys were not suitable. (He made sure to note this for the service teams). Therefore, if a team were to come out right now to complete my bury request, they would not be able to do so given not everything is marked. Even with what IS marked, I have no information on when a team planned to come out anyways. The agent I spoke with today did let me know, however, that there was a team assigned to my address and that was a good sign.

I have now been 3 weeks with no internet, as they cannot even connect us with a temporary exposed line being as the connection is in another yard across the street. We work from home - like many others. I get even more frustrated that I cannot do anything when I see the people marking the ground incorrectly because they are obligated to follow the directions they are given. This was the case today (after my conversation with customer service) when the person marking water lines was yet again not doing so in all necessary places.

I understand that there are many people trying to get service, including e-learning students which I obviously agree is extremely important. However - if this is all done right the first time, it would save us all a lot of trouble so that more jobs can be completed in a shorter time. Wouldn’t you agree?

Please advise and resolve ASAP. Thank you.


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