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Tue, Nov 17, 2020 1:00 PM

Cable drop delay

Hi, we signed up for Xfinity internet a month ago today. We went to set it up in our house, but it would not connect. So, I scheduled an Xfinity tech to come check it out. He told me that there has never been internet at this house so they would have to drop a cable to connect my house, which would take 7-14 business days. This sounded fair enough to me so I just decided to tough it out until we had internet set up. At day 14, we received an email stating that there had been a delay, as more permits were required to dig in our area. This was over a week ago now and we have not been updated on this. We have also clearly had the utility company come and mark their lines in red and orange 10 days ago so I am not sure why Xfinity is still waiting to come bury our lines. How can I get an update on this? I don’t want to go any longer without internet.


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