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Tue, Nov 3, 2020 5:00 PM

Cable Contractors

Not really a question but a rant, as there is nothing that can be done now.

We had to have our cable replaced, so the first guy came out and replaced the cable but left it above ground. That was cool, because we were having tree work done soon and didn't want the tree guys to cut the new cable.

Got the email from Xfinity that the order had been put in to bury the cable. I contacted them immediately because the order stated that they did not have to let me know when they were coming. I told the representative on the phone about the tree work and that they could not schedule an appointment until they were finished. She said she had made a note of it.

On the same day the tree guys start work, guess who shows up? The cable guy. I told him he could not work until they were finished in several days, and not to come again without contacting me first. I called Xfinity again, explained about the tree work, and restated that no one could come work on the cable without letting me know first. She said she made a note of it.

Three days later, guess who shows up? The cable guy. Due to the rains, the tree guys were not finished, so I told him the same thing as before, that he could not work that day and he had to let me know before coming out. I then called Xfinity again, explained about the tree work, and restated that no one could come out without letting me know first. She said she made a note of it.

So we finally got the tree work done, and I called Xfinity and told them they could now schedule a day for the cable guy to come out; but to please let me know when to expect them because our yard has a lot of hazards. She said she made a note of it.

So about 10 days later, our internet goes out. Went outside to see if the chipmonks had chewed through the wire, and there were the cable guys. They had already disconnected the cable and were preparing to dig. I really wanted to tell them they could not work because they had not let me know they were coming, but at that point I just said fine and let them get it done, glad that I was not in the middle of something important requiring the internet.

Bottom line: while Xfinity will no doubt claim that the contractors it uses are beyond its control, they are still responsible for their actions, and I could not be less impressed with how they handled my repeated requests whose only purpose was to save them from having to replace the cable twice. Thanks for letting me vent, because I'm sure not going to call Xfinity again.



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6 m ago

Hi there, wheedl. We are so sorry to hear about this experience. We appreciate you bringing it to our attention and we will definitely be passing this feedback along. Please let us know if you need any additional support from us, down the road. Be safe and take care. 

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