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Tue, Aug 18, 2020 7:00 AM

Bye - Had to go - Lack of responsiveness and bills insanely high

It's a shame for the good people at Comcast who strive to do their jobs but overall, the lack of responsiveness and the insane bill increases made staying with this company untenable. Tried reaching a human by phone countless times to discuss the latest crazy bill increase only to have unsuccesfully wasted countless hours.  When I finally did reach someone, they advised there is nothing that can be done (I'm sorry but $2,500/year for basic services [absolutely no 'fancy' channels] is nuts) and several written messages were not  responded to. Our only choice was to vote with out pocketbooks and after many years of loyalty and painful bill increases, we cut the cord. Younger folks will not have experienced what we have, and those were the good ol' days when customer service was much more  a source of pride for a company and it took almost no time to reach a real person and resolve any issues.  


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