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Mon, Oct 5, 2020 1:00 PM

Bury a Line

I just bought a new house and scheduled service installation for September 11.  That was difficult enough as I had to explain multiple times I needed a professional install as there was no coax cable dropped where any of my three TVs were going to be located.  Tech comes out and says old line has been cut.  He schedules a line bury and tells me two weeks.  Xfinity calls me (again calls me) and says line bury will happen October 1 so schedule October 2 for service install.  I see where they come out and mark the line a full week before this, but on October 2 tech comes out and no line was buried.  He calls on his side, and I chat on my side to get this escalated.  I'm promised line will be buried and I will have full services by end of weekend (October 4).  Given a ticket number.  None of this happens.  Call today (October 5) and am told nobody can come until at least October 8.  I'm given new ticket number and promise of a call back.  Get a call back, but they can't confirm that anybody is actually coming to bury the line on the 8th.  I state I need to speak to a human being that can actually tell me when this is going to happen.  She tries to call a supervisor, but nobody is answering their phone.  Promises to call me back, but hours later I have heard nothing.  Very confusing as they gave me new ticket number this morning since October 1 has passed, but I'm told the October 1 order is still open.  I'm working from home due to COVID trying to work off an Xfinity hotspot which rarely works forcing me to pay a sky high phone bill to use my phone hotspot which doesn't work that great either.  I'm struggling after 4 weeks of no internet to keep my job.   The great irony is that Comcast used to service this address and ATT cut the line when they later installed services.  I don't want to have to call them and beg for internet, but it may come to that.  The lack of communication, coordiation and customer care is astounding.



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1 y ago

Hi @lesliemcguirk

I'm sorry about the experience you're having while trying to have your services installed. I know this can be frustrating, especially because it's affecting your job. This isn't the experience we want for you. Can you please send me a private message with your first and last name, and the service address to where you are trying to get service so I can begin to investigate? 

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