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Mon, Nov 16, 2020 3:00 PM

Bought my own modem.

Hi I just recently signed up for the Gig service, which was working great until a few days ago. While waiting for a tech to visit, I connected a Surfboard 6190 which does not have the capacity for gig sercvice but did get my internet working again, I kind of thought it might have been my new xfinity modem that was the issue and it turns out it was.

So I purchased a Surfboard 8300 which is compatible with my GIG service and I was back on line with no issues.

Anyway  I gave both my Xfinity modems, which included the one I used before I got GIG service to the Tech when he arrived a short while ago.

But he did not give me a recept, but said he would drop them off at the warehouse.


How do I ...

1. Verify you guys recieved the modems.

2. Have the modem rental removed from my bill, since I am now using my own.


Thanks in advance.



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