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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 5:00 AM

Beat Covid, then laid off, Comcast promo ending this month, any help with bill possible?

Re: Help with Bill?


I'm writing to the forum to see if there's any way our current, (actually just expired this month) 2 year Promo can be renewed or "Restarted". 


As you can imagine from the title of this post, we're experiencing some financial challenges right now and have to be very careful. 


Due to getting the Covid, I was very sick for about a month or so, but was fortunate to beat it and seem to be ok now, but shortly after I returned to work, I was laid off, so now I'm out of work.


My wife and I enjoy Comcast very much and have absolutely NO complaints about the service and in fact, we've been with Comcast even before it was Comcast, so we're very loyal customers!


So if there's a way to help us lower the bill ("Restart" the Promo?) we'd appreciate it very much.


Thank you. 



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