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Fri, Dec 4, 2020 1:00 PM

Baited and switched by Comcast Support employee via PM

How do I get in touch with a Director or Manager of Support?


After literally weeks of back and forth and waiting for replies, I finally had a support person that was helpful (ComcastAmira).

Then, all of a sudden, I get another reply today from another official Comcast support person (ComcastGabe) who literally tells me the offer made by Amira once I finally got all of the details to the information I was seeking, was not available any more!


The "new" offer was $14+ more per month. While that seems like a small sum, that's $168 -- and $336 over the course of the 2 yr agreement that was discussed. NEVER ever did anyone say the offer and pricing provided was going to end on 12/3 (I just rec'd that information yesterday).


I am beyond frustrated and upset. I would like to speak with someone that oversees the team responding to the messages on this forum. You are welcome to PM me with information on how to get in touch.


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