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Thu, Jan 14, 2021 1:00 PM

Bad Customer Experience: Charges for 2 returned Samsung Galaxy A70 that stopped working.

Hello community.


I don’t like complaining because I always liked XFINITY as internet provider but this will be my last year with XFINITY. But what I experienced with XFINITY mobile recently is really below anything I've seen in customer support before.


We bought 2 Samsung Galaxy A70 when we signed up for the XFINITY Mobile contract in January 2020.

After about 7 months the phone functionality of both phones failed – we could not reach other phones nor receive incoming calls any longer.

The local XFINITY shop told us this was a known issue with Samsung Galaxy A70 and that all we can do was send them back and get Samsung Galaxy A71 instead.

We had been happy with the phones we had and did not have any intention to change them against other phones so early. But as it was our only chance to get back the main phone functionality we sent them to XFINITY – received the new A71 phones and had all the hassle to set them up. Well, at least they do what a phone should do – making and receiving calls.


Then XFINITY charged my credit card with $700 without any notice. I used the chat function and was told that both phones arrived damaged. When I told them that only 1 phone had a crack but the other one was flawless when I sent it they plainly called my lying.


They hesitated to help me in any way – not proving the damage of both phones, not sending back our property, not reducing the charges to the real value of the phones (we had only $281 per phone as open amount in our XFINITY Account. The same in 2 different chats. I was asking for speaking to a supervisor and they said I have to call the hotline.


Today I called the hotline and a so called supervisor told me that it would be XFINITY policy that if you return a phone and it is damaged you would have to pay the full price, no matter how much you already paid off. In our case there was an amount of $281 unpaid for each phone and XFINITY charged us $350 for each phone we returned.


I asked him to return the phones we overpaid to us so that we can use it or sell it second hand but he denied. So we paid $420 for each phone and have nothing left. This feels like fraud to me.


Then I asked him to send me the policy where it says that you have to pay the full price for a returned phone if it is damaged and you will not get the phone back after you paid the price. His answer was: this information is not sharable with the customers.


This sounds like a case for a lawyer - which I don't like to force but if XFINITY won't move a bit in our direction I'm afraid this is the only way to go.


Is this really the way XFINITY treating customers? We have been internet customer for about 10 years and now this?


Do other customers have similar experience?


I am very disappointed.




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