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Sun, Apr 12, 2020 12:00 PM

Away from residence during COVID-19

I left my residence (MA) for another state a few weeks ago due to COVID-19.  It would be nice to save some money on my Xfinity services.  I started a chat with someone and asked if there was a way to downgrade my services even though I am on a contract.  He didn't give me that option but instead suggested:


1. Cancel without fee, but that's impossible because I can't return the equipment.  He mentioned something about "45 days," but there's no guarantee I will be back then, and if I am I'll want the services restored.


2. Seasonal hold, but apparently that requires a minimum of three months, which may be (???) too long.  I searched that option myself and found a minimum of only 60 days, but it wouldn't let me sign up because it's too late in the season or something.  (Is it tied to the actual seasons??)


I gave up because the rep's English was so bad I couldn't communicate my concerns and questions.  Does anyone official have any suggestions?


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