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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 8:00 AM

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I have had Xfinity for about a year and a half now, and starting to run into issues. I've spent countless hours on the phone, and made several trips to the Xfinity store. I'm told one thing online, and then told another in the store. Apparently my credit has been ran, and was told I'm not eligible for Xfinity mobile services. Wait, that's so confusing considering I'm already with Xfinity Mobile. No one has answered any of my questions or said why this is happening. The closest store is 30 mins away. Now, 5 trips to the store, and too many hours on the phone, I'm at a lost. I just wanted to upgrade my phone. I make my payments on time, my account is in good standing, and my phone is like new. I'm tired of being told different things. This is time that I won't get back. Xfinity services has declined, and I don't think I'll be referring anyone else to this service.

And it's sad you have to go to the store to see if they have the phone you are looking for. None of the stores have a direct line number, so people have to waste their gas. It's even more stressful to speak with so many different people. No one has answers.


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