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Sun, Nov 15, 2020 3:00 AM

Account downgraded by Comcast resulting in complete loss of DVR functionality

Yesterday, while watching a DVR recording, I tried to start watching a different recording. When I pressed the Xfinity button on the remote and selected Saved, the Recordings “tab” was missing from the screen. The Scheduled tab contains a message that states “you have no scheduled reminders in the next 14 days.” While watching live tv, if I press the record button on the remote, I receive a message that stated “to record, you’ll need a DVR subscription.” I have had a DVR subscription for years and the account has not changed. I spoke to someone from Comcast who said the account had been downgraded. I didn’t change anything on the account and I haven’t contacted anyone from Comcast in months, if not over a year. I was told there were no notes associated with the downgrade so it was likely a glitch. I was told to call the loyalty team. That is all well and good but, as I suspected, I was told there was no way to recover anything on the nearly full DVR. All the recordings and settings for future recordings were wiped when, somehow, my service was downgraded. Is this true? Is there no way to recover anything if your DVR subscription is “removed?” You would think Comcast would build a time window during which you can restore data in the event this exact scenario occurs.

If there is nothing that can be done to restore anything, the question is what is the next step? The tech I spoke to indicated the loyalty team should provide compensation for the loss of service. I certainly agree, as I have obviously paid for the availability of those recordings. But what is appropriate compensation? This article indicates someone with a similar problem was originally offered $3. I don’t even know what to say to that. Ultimately, that person apparently received a $120 credit and an apology from Comcast, according to an official Comcast spokesperson. Ironically, part of Comcast’s statement on the issue was as follows:

"We also have identified and fixed the technical issue that caused this to happen and have taken steps to ensure that this doesn't happen in the future."


Is there any hope of getting those recordings and scheduled recording settings back? Does anyone have any recommendations for dealing with the loyalty team? I’m guessing they aren’t going to simply offer that $120 credit without me having to escalate the issue through level after level of reps, but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for the advice.


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