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Tue, Dec 29, 2020 7:00 AM

A plan for no sports, not heavy internet users?

I currently have Double Play Standard package, and I'm mosty OK with it except for the Regional Sports Fee.

I just got notificaton that the package prices and fees are increasing a lot -- everyone is in this situation.

But I am just 1 person, I do not watch sports or do gaming or streaming, so I am not demanding a lot of bandwidth/speed/whatever from my internet.  I also do not work remotely from home, so I am not doing Zoom meetings all of the time.

I see plans for super high-speed and up to 12 devices --- great for a family of gamers and streamers.

Why can't Comcast come out with a simpler plan for those of us who are NOT heavy users of the internet/cable?

I would also love to see an option for a no-sports Cable package to get rid of the regional sports fee.  Years ago, I had such a package, but Comcast got rid of it.


Please Comcast, with all of your money and resources, you can certainly come up with some more package options for those customers who aren't heavy MBPS users, or who don't watch sports.



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