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Wed, Sep 2, 2020 1:00 PM

6 weeks and still waiting on customer security assurance to restore email

It has been 6 weeks since comcast deactivated my email account because of "suspicious" activity.  I have called customer security assurance 7 times and have been told the exact same thing each time I call, but nothing has been done to resolve my issue. IT DOES NOT TAKE 6 WEEKS TO RESTORE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT!!!!  Each time I call, I am given the same explanation, sometimes a NEW ticket number, and told the exact same thing...that they completely understand the issue and will restore my email account.  I am told that someone will call me back within 3 days.  IT HAS BEEN 6 WEEKS and there has not been any calls to my home (I have caller ID and call history with xfnity), nor any calls to my cell.  NONE!!! Does anyone work in Customer Security Assurance??? ANYONE???????

Can someone, anyone, restore my email account???  How much longer do you need to restore an email account???  

My ticket numbers are:


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