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Friday, May 26th, 2023 8:05 PM


30+ years and this is what we get???

This first part of the message I'm writing after trying to follow the link that to somebody left in the response to the second part of the message that I wrote. it gave me instructions on how to direct message an employee and that employee then told me that I'm not to direct message employees unless invited to do so. I tried to explain that I had been invited but received no response. Here is the original message sent 20 days ago.↓ 

Over 30 years with you guys and you still find ways to blow my mind with this stuff. I get the "your box needs updating"  message, so I order the new box. As soon as I open it, I can tell it's wrong. It's an old HD box that's twice as big as the one I have, and it doesn't do wireless or 4K. I feel as if you're still trying to take advantage of my 91 year old grandmother with cheap, downgraded equipment because her name is on the account, without realizing that her grandson stays with her now to help her. You have already charged her for a year of X1 while giving her equipment that isn't compatible with X1. which means she was paying for X1 for over a year and never actually experienced X1 until it took me calling numerous times and talking to numerous people in order to get it taken care of. she received a month of free service for over a year of payments towards nothing. It's absolutely atrocious behavior and YOU'RE STILL TRYING TO DO IT. EXPLAIN WHY AN UPDATED BOX IS OLD, HD INSTEAD OF 4K, AND COVERED IN SCRATCHES AND DIRT? HOW IS THAT UPDATED??? 

And now, back to the present moment, our bill is over $400 and unlimited data seems to be used up three times as fast as normal and nothing has changed at our home for that to happen. Every time I try to click on data usage on the app, or online, all I receive is a blank white page. Over and over and over. I want somebody to tell me how many customers you have that have been with you for 30+ years and never missed a payment. Then I want that person to tell me how you think that person should be treated. So go ahead with the canned, boilerplate response and make it as difficult as possible to talk to somebody so I can go through this again and again and again. 



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I'm closing this thread you started because it's the same as your first thread.  You need only to post once and then continue to followup in your same thread.

Please return to your previous thread, but do not post the issue again, but remark that there wasn't a followup and that you were told not to send a DM even though you were asked to do so.  I will go ahead and escalate your first thread.

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