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Wed, Aug 19, 2020 7:00 AM

3 things: 1) get a converter removed from my account; 2) add a HD receiver; 3) Update service


There doesn't seem to be a phone number to call anymore.

Due to COVID, the closest "store" that is open is 47 miles away.

So, I'll try the forum.

1) Our account has one HD/DVR receiver and 2 of those cheap tiny converters.

One of these converters was lost a few years ago.

Every time I went to the Xfinity store to report it, I was told they will "track it".

It's never been found, naturally.  I've been paying $$ renting it ever since.

I need this REMOVED from my account.  Is there a fee for a lost converter?

2) How do I get another HD receiver for the master bedroom?

3) Our Xfinity bill is now insanely high.  I would like to get a new service so I can reduce the monthly bill.


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