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Sun, Nov 29, 2020 3:00 PM

2 year contract renewal

I currently have X1 Premier Triple Play ( Digital Premier ) package expiring soon. This is including internet/voice equipment rental and 4 boxes including the one main DVR and 260 channels with HD, streampix, anyroom DVR, and 300MBS internet. This included Showtime, HBO, Epix and Peacock. Present bill is $273.51/month incl tax and misc fees.

I want to drop the voice unlimited ( do not use at all -have OOMA ) and maintain about 200+ channels and the same 300 mbs internet speed and keep the 4 boxes and HD, total that I have now. Not interested in on-line package offers as not interested in voice or home security. I am pleased with the service and options but the pricing has become out of sight for a retired person.

I can go with another 2 year contract if necessary. I can go to a lower channel count if it would make a noticeable difference.

With contract expiration coming soon and the published rate increase for "misc fees and such", and my $25 service discount, that will probably come in at over $300 partly with services that I don't want or need. Don't want to have to change providers if there is a compatible plan available. Just FYI, I have been a loyal comcast customer for many years since the days as it was known as Media One!   Can a Comcast/Xfinity Rep help out here?  Thanks....



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