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Fri, Dec 18, 2020 12:00 AM

Xfinty - I honoured my contract (x2) and you couldn’t even get my order correct and instead ..

Hi Xfinty & Members


Long read -

I appreciate Xfinity but I am so so very upset and even feel personally insulted by what has happened -


but main point is bait & switch,


-not honouring that we confirmed and cancelled our triple play service after contract up for our high speed internet only in August


-Paid on the dot each time.


-And our service has been shut off due to non payment (see below on that) and we work from home ! No no no !


-We should of been billed since contract ended for our internet only - instead we owe $603 by Dec 31 -


(Also even charged a

“partial fee for Them having to change our pricing !) seriously ?

It was $1.94 folks


  • A huge price monthly for our continued Triple Play service that we cancelled and it’s been $192 or $212 or $177..
  • BUT —— even if we did want this after contract,
  • *******our WRITTEN CONTRACT PRICE AFTER 2 year was up is stated as : 114.95 plus tax —- *****


  • (So not only bait and switch on after contract pricing IF we had kept this service
  • major price differences here like by $350-


  • And not entering our new service of internet only plan.


  • (I’ve spent an entire day on this with spreadsheets - where to start when calling ? I’m irate ! Plus we have Mobile service that we love - so using all that data up.


I’m sorry if this is a bit hard to read, but after reading all emails, PDFs etc - there is SO MUCH inconsistencies-


We got shut off because we thought we were still on auto pay for internet only and not these HUGE NO RHYME OR REASON BILLS SINCE CONTRACT


  • Our landlady shares this with us so I’m not sure if she knew about this shut off but she has .. yup. So on our own here.


We want our internet.

I understand we have to pay bills

But we honoured our contract with you on time for 2 years and as a mobile customer -


We then called (and it was not easy we get that and expected it- ) to cancel Triple Play and continue only internet since we don’t require tv


You then don’t even do that - you charge and charge whatever you deem fit that month since August and NOT EVEN the $114.95 plus tax After Contract pricing which is I believe is bait and switch


-So even if we wanted this service that’s just one issue - I expect more from you Xfinity.


You couldn’t even charge us that.


-You never gave us the service we wanted and needed after our contract.


Please help me.

How do I begin to explain this on the phone - I won’t even get into your pricing that changes on every next Bill, email etc - that poor customer service lady.


-I just want our internet back on.

I would love my day back but can’t ask for that.


—Where do I start Xfinty ? What can you do for me ?


I’ve had you for over 10+ years and at this addres 4 I believe. 
On the dot payment for both services past two years.


I appreciate your mobile but I’m so upset and as you know- NO INTERNET makes Jack a dull boy. (Shining reference sorry )


Please make some notes in my account.


Adjust my bill for the internet We ordered or heck credit me for the arguments with my husband this has caused - I mean, yes we actually had to communicate with each other so PLEASE HELP.


Jokes aside - I’m irate.


Please advise on my account.


(Also I qualify for your @essential low income program but while it’s nice you offer internet for $10 - we need our 75+Fb)


Anyone have this Happen?


I hope by tomorrow - I can get back to work, have this sorted and all with internet and we enjoy the plan we had, we just can’t afford it because we are starting  a business - ironically an online one.


Yours truly




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6 m ago

Hello, @SarahMdr39,


Our team here on the forums wants to help improve your experience. Our team can take a look into your situation and make sure that all is taken care of. Can you please private message me your full name and service address? Thank you for posting to our forums. 
To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastMartin" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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