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Tue, Oct 27, 2020 8:00 PM

With 1 plan - 2 prices for 2 different person. Why ?

All Internet plans shall be same for everyone and Prices shall not vary from person to person. I am really not happy as my monthly internet plan got increased from $29.99 to $55(Almost double the prices) and there is no changes in services offered. Whereas my friends living at same area/zipcode(In my society)are getting the same "Performance select performance" plan at $35(Incl service discount $20). He got the offer with $20 discount and I am not being offered $20 discount. Disappointed 😞



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7 m ago

Good afternoon, himanshuneha22. Welcome to the community, we are happy to have you here!


We definitely understand that an increase on a bill is not a fun surprise. We do offer different promotions that have various costs, durations, and levels of service that they come with. We typically have a range of options to select from, based on your needs. We also try to stay competitive with our rates and our hope is for you to be as satisfied with the entire package as possible. It sounds like the reason for the cost difference in this case with your friend is because of you and them having a different speed tier. It's hard to say so for sure without pulling up the actual accounts. Performance Select is different from Performance speed though, as far as speed tiers go. We get where you're coming from though and we would be happy to look into this. What we can do is go ahead and review your account to see what discounts you may qualify for and what you're comfortable with having for both internet speed and monthly cost. We will work together! To get started, go ahead and send me a PM with your first and last name and we can take a look and go from there.


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