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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 3:00 PM

What is and what does the "one time reactivate fee" cover

My service was never "deactivated" or shut off so why am I being charged this fee?


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5 m ago

@nomoredrama Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to us regarding your billing concerns. I very much appreciate your patience and greatly apologize for the delay in our response. I know how frustrating any surprise charge can be on your billing statement and I would love to dig further into this charge for you. Can you please reach out through private message with your first and last name, name on the account if different, and service address? If you’re having trouble locating this information, you can also reference our world-class MyAccount app to view all of your account details by the simple touch of your fingertips! Please follow the process here to learn how to obtain that information:;

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