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Tue, Dec 22, 2020 10:00 AM

Want to just scream at the inevitable!

I know there are options to cut the cord or downgrade and so it is entirely my fault that I stick with Xfinity and refrain from drastic measures for now.  I generally appreciate Xfinity and services offered but I gotta say that, among other fee increases, the Equipment and Services fee for boxes jumping 50% is just outlandish.  I will never get used to the jumps in broadcast and sports fees but I can potentially understand those to some extent.  But to blow up the fee for a set top box is just aggravating to say the least.  Especailly when one of them is just a DTA or whatever the simplest basic receiver is known as these days.  I am ok with a "reasonable" increase here and there as the cost of business goes up everywhere for everything.  I know get used to it.  I try to get a fraction of aggravation offset by remembering that at least I use my own modem and avoid the reliable increases for that device.


Has anyone  gone down the route to get some sort of Comcast approved aftermarket basic TV reception box, if one even exists, or experiences with basic TV through the Stream App and associated Roku, Fire stick etc...?




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6 m ago

Use the stream app on a Roku, you will end up with more access to content than a DTA

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