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Fri, Jul 10, 2020 8:00 AM

Trying to change plan online but no option to change equipment

After several months of checking out the "Change Plan" feature on the Xfinity website ... it would always say there was a "problem" and to contact via phone... I now finally have offers to change my plan to.


The issue I am having is that the three "offers" all require a new xFi Gateway.  This is NOT a problem.  However,  I have an older RNG200N and the site is telling me I can use  with this new offer. 


The site says this offer comes with a X1 Remote... but I don't have an X1 Box lol.  In the "Currently Leasing" section  when it comes to where I can "Add/Change equipment."  It says I actually have an X1 box... the description of what I am leasing says.... "DVR that does it all. The X1 DVR lets you watch and record up to six shows at the same time, store hundreds"  and there are NO options to change equipment... only add.


Will it send me two new X1 boxes if/when I order it?  When it tells me I need a new Gateway it reminds me to send the old one back.


Any ideas?




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