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Fri, Oct 9, 2020 5:00 PM

Triple Play Went up after 1 year and now modem keeps going out due to Extreme Pro which I don't need

ComcastMartin said he try to help me but I never heard back. My Triple Play went up after the first year and its because my bill says Speed Upgrade Extreme Pro. It went up $25.


And to make matters worse, ever since this appeared on my bill, my modem has gone out 3 times and this time my daughter hasn't been able to get it working. She said it problably can't handle the extreme pro speed because it has a splitter hooked up by Comcast to go to both the modem and the TV. The TV service is fine but I now have no phone or internet. I'm 87 years old and this is unacceptable. Please help me get my bill back down and back to slower internet because I don't even need it but I really need my phone service. Otherwise, I'm going to be forced to canel because the service isn't even working properly right now.


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