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Wed, Jan 13, 2021 1:00 PM

requested paper billing. Why is first bill on credliit card? When will it be switched to paper?

I'm a new acustomer.  Before service was hooked up, I changed my preference from 'Auto Billing' to 'Paper Billing', and agreed to pay about $10.00 more per month for paper billing.  Now I have a pending charge on my Credit Card.   I don't want to start a precedent.  Can the Credit Card charge be canceled and sent on paper, by U.S Postal Service mail?  If not, when will my 'paper billing' begin?


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5 m ago

Hey @wvos ! It sounds like there are two separate billing self-serve options at play; Autopay, which you can learn how to cancel or modify here and Ecobill, which is paperless billing, and you can learn to opt out of here.


Please be aware that if you have already been debited or the bill has already generated, changes may not take place until the next complete bill cycle and the charge would need to be disputed with your bank, if you wanted to go that route. If there is a discount associated with your enrollment in Ecobill and Autopay, turning off one or both options would remove the discount as well. 


I hope that information helps and we appreciate you reaching out about this! Welcome to the Xfinity family, we are glad you're here! 

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