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Saturday, March 6th, 2021 5:00 PM


RE: HOW DID WE GET BILLED $350 FOR AN UNRETURNED EQUIPMENT- from a loyal XFINITY customer for years.

We requested our Xfinity bundle services to be cancelled and paid all our remaining balances at the end of October last year. We have to leave the country due to a family medical emergency abroad. Therefore, we asked my husband's cousin to return the internet/cable equipment in a local Xfinity Center within that week since we don't have a chance to do it at that time. We came back to CT after 3 wks & since then we thought everything is all set with Xfinity until we recently received a bill amounting to $350 as a charge for the unreturned equipment!! We were so furious with her and wonder what happened to our request. Unfortunately, her car broke down during that week, kept the equipment in her car's rear compartment and got her car fixed but forgot about it until now!! Whether she's telling the truth or not....the damage is already done. Also, we are aware that the return of the equipment is still our main responsibility.


        However, getting billed with twice the amount of our usual monthly bill for just an unreturned equipment is just way too unreasonably excessive, absurd and appalling. We have been very loyal and happy to use the bundled Xfinity for years. We even recommended it to our friends and boasted it at having the fastest internet services among all services out there. We are actually planning to go back soon to Xfinity but then we got hit with these huge bill. 


      We are amenable and we accept our mistake for not following it up with the involved person but we are also begging and asking for any kind consideration to please at least lower this amount. Our family got hit bad financially since my husband got laid off from his work due to the effect of this COVID pandemic. That is why we haven't had a chance to sign- up for any services again.  


       We are hoping for kind consideration from your company. We look forward to your quick reply. We are very much ready to return the equipment anytime but are scared to get asked for a payment of $350 which we cannot afford at the moment. Thank You.




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3 years ago

Hi, @lsalupen1978. I am sorry to hear of the issues had during the last year. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy now. I know that can be scary. 


As far as the unreturned equipment charges, those are a flat rate based on each piece of equipment that needs to be returned. If you're able to make those returns, it shouldn't be a problem to get the charges removed. 


In the future, we recommend you don't publicly post any account information, we will ask that you send us a private message with your name and address to proceed. Just hit my name, "ComcastStarr" then click send a message and we can continue there. 

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