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Wed, Sep 16, 2020 10:00 AM

Problem with contacting right person in support


Yesterday, 9/15, I have signup for the Extreme Pro service. It says that “Unlock $10/mo. Off your Internet bill for 24 months with and active Xfinity Mobile Line”. I do have a active Xfinity Mobile Line. So, I should be getting an additional discount of $10, which should have brought my bill to $50. However, when I check the receipt in My Account, under Review my order. I don’t see it mention about $10 discount. I tried to call and chat with service representative. First one said it will be done by Mobility team and transferred to Xfinity Mobile team.  And, later billing department could not find out if there such offer exist. After that  yesterday evening I called again and I was able to show service desk representative and I guess she has made a not too. And she said that she will be calling after sometime as she has to make call to Xfinity Mobility to short this issue. Which I never got. When I called back today I had totally different and bad experience then way your service representative talked to me. Hope she is not talking like that to others.


My concern here is that if it is advertise that I will get an additional $10 discount, if I have active Xfinity Mobile Line, then why it is not noted at my account? And am I getting this discount or not? If not, why not? 

I dont know whom to contact.



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