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Fri, Dec 4, 2020 8:00 PM

Pricing/Billing Increase!!

Are you kidding me Comcast/Xfinity?
A Price increase? Now?!
Raising prices while people are financially struggling is a great idea - actually ~ it is a totally moronic idea. I just cancelled the one premium service I could afford  a few minutes ago online and will be trying to talk to a live representative tomorrow. Probably have to convert to internet service only ASAP. Thank you XFINITY!!
Believe it or not - for people on a very tight budget this insignificant monthly increase that you consider to be small could be the difference between cable or food/medication. I hope that whoever made this decision is proud of themselves & that their family is doing fantastic. Hope that they do not have to let their children down someday. Actually whoever made this decision probably got a huge bonus & raise. 
Wish another service was available where I live.  Will research tomorrow - might be cheaper for a WIFI HOTSPOT at home and drop everything.. 
Thanks again from an unimportant number in your system.


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