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Price increase

I am writing regarding the recent increase of my monthly internet bill from $90 to $129. As a long-time customer for many years, I was disappointed to see my bill rise by over 40%.

$129 a month is simply more than I can reasonably afford for internet service. I shopped competitor rates in my area and see that I can get comparable internet packages in the $60-80 per month range. As much as I have appreciated Xfinity's reliable service in the past, I cannot justify paying $50+ more per month than other available options.

I am reaching out to request that Xfinity lower my monthly bill to be more in line with the original $90 I have paid previously. If Comcast is unable to lower my bill to that amount or less, then unfortunately I will need to cancel my Xfinity service and find a more affordable internet provider elsewhere.

I hope we can find a reasonable solution here, as I have been satisfied with Xfinity's service otherwise. Please let me know if you can offer any discounts, promotions or bill credits to retain me as a customer. I look forward to hearing back regarding options to lower my monthly bill soon.

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2 months ago

Good Morning, @user_ci55fl! We would be happy to explore any options with your services to ensure it is exactly the services you love and within a price point that works for your household. Please send us a DM so we can dive into the account fully. 

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