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Wed, Oct 14, 2020 11:00 AM

Premium Channel disguised as Regional Sports Fee

I object to having to pay for the Marquee Network under the Regional Sports Fee umbrella. It is a Premium Channel which Xfinity marketed as a FREE option once they and Marquee came to terms JUST BEFORE the truncated baseball season began. NOW that the season is almost over, Xfinity is charging a separate fee, effective 10/01/2020, tacked on to the Regional Sports Fee - which is almost half of the entire fee. To me that is a Premium Channel charge - not a fee for a variety of Regional Sports access!


I have no use for the Marquee Network, do not want to line their pockets with $$. I resent Xfinity for bundling this channel with all but the lowest, most minimal TV packages. This is not customer service, this is customer-over-a-barrel. 


I am thoroughly disgusted with the billing, bundling, and marketing practices. Customer Service is all lip service. It's all about the bottom line - always. 


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7 m ago

I wholeheartedly agree - I, nor anyone else in this household, watch ANY sports programming regional or not whatsoever and have had to live with subsidizing the unhealthy addiction of some to sports programming, to each their own. 


Now, I have to pay even more for this particular sports channel that will NEVER EVER EVER be used within the confines of my home - and agree should be a premium add-on and NOT forced upon us. 


This is completely underhanded and completely un-customer friendly. It is sad that the more these decisions are made the more folks are moving away and perhaps that is their strategy. Less customers. but at a higher rate, makes sense....I for one won't stand for it. There will be a point when this won't make business sense any longer, but it will be long after the decisionmakers have gone before the consequences will be realized.


This has now got me in the task of searching for alternatives and finally making the decision of cutting the cord - a notion I have toyed with for quite some time and now where the value is no longer in line with what I am paying for makes this an easier choice, so thank you Xfinity/Comcast/NBC/Universal!!




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6 m ago

I object to both sports channel fees in Chicagoland. Between the "Chicago Sports Network" and now thats it's winter "The Marquee Channel" there isn't one team on either channel I want to watch. It's $14.45 a month and I have no interest whatsoever in The Cubs, White Sox, Bulls or Blackhawks. The Bulls dynasty was 22 years ago and since they have not been contenders. The Blackhawks were exciting over 6 years but that ended in 2015. For six years they were exciting but that pretty much ended when they got rid of Quenneville. Toews and Kane arent 21 anymore and the Hawks are pretty much done. Basically strike that channel because I never was a big White Sox fan. As for "The Marquee Channel" I was a Cub fan and it was fun to watch them win a world series in 2016 but like the White Sox in 2005, they are both one and done baseball teams. I pay $14.45 for two channels that I will never watch. I have seen every Chicago sports team win at least one championship in my lifetime so I have no interest in watching any Chicago sports team say getting to the first round of the playoffs and getting swept. That isn't worth my time or $15 a month or to put it in context $180 a year. Thats almost $200 a year for something I will never use and it's beyond wrong to force me to pay it. As somebody that has cable for 36 years it has just been a cashgrab. My first cable bill when I was 18 in 1984 was $21 a month. That included HBO, Showtime and Cinemax. I don't get any movie channels now and I'm paying $15 a month for content I dont watch. Tack on $12 a month for the "Broadcast TV Fee" and that's $27 a month. These fees came out of nowhere, were like a buck or two at first (10 years ago) and just go up every year.

How is this not a monopoly like "Ma Bell"?

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