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Poor Xfinity Services

I had xfinity internet from 2021. Added few more services in 2023 and I was promised for 130$ -- 135$ for all 3 of my services but always charged extra.  Whenever I tried to chat , agents moved my chat from one department to other department and wasting my time. I guess time to cut all services and find new one. Poor experience overall.

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4 months ago

@user_a5b50q, thank you for using the Community Forums. We would be more than happy to assist you with your billing related concerns and apologize for any issues you came across since initially signing up in 2021. For future reference, coming to us here is the one-stop shop to getting your cocnerns addressed.

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18 days ago

I've had a very similar experience.  Sales told me that I would get a better deal and ended up just adding to the cost and binding me in a contract that has services not available at my location - and very slow to offer any adjustment or amends.  I've been a customer for over 10 years, and not sure why but expected more from a company I've stuck with other the years. I keep getting told i will get help, but at every turn i'm having to spend time trying to respond to additional requests that are repetative and time consuming. Very close to moving on and cutting my loses best I can.... not sure if corporate culture realizes that this affects the regular everyday American people that they serve, especially with inflation and challenges today.  Trying to stay openminded but doesn't seem to be improving from my vantage point.  I also cannot seem to get information on who is managing and accountable for these poor experiences with customer service. Several others I know in my community have had similar experiences.


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