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Pay bill for deceased parent

My dad entered hospice care January 15. When we moved him out of his apartment and into hospice, I returned his equipment to a local xfinity store on January 17. The store sent the bill for his remaining balance to my address.

Dad died soon after we moved him. And I've got his last bill sitting in front of me. I just want to pay it. I can't pay online because I don't have his Xfinity ID. I tried to pay by text, but despite entering his account number into the system, I'm not getting a link to his remaining balance.

I've just spent 25 minutes in phone tree [Edited: "Language"] trying to pay his remaining balance. I have the account number. I just want to pay the outstanding balance. The customer service person I spoke to said I needed to BRING the customer into a store to pay the bill for them. He said BRING the person AFTER I explained that my Dad died. I asked the CSR - so I'm supposed to [Edited: "Language"] into an xfinity store? 

I asked to speak to his manager. He told me no manager was available. I asked to speak to his managers manager. He also didn't listen to my name and kept calling me by my Mom's name (which was still on the account). Mom died in 2020. So yeah, thanks for that too. The CSR again said no manager is available. I said I'd wait for someone to become available, then he hung up on me.

So wow - no managers are available ANYWHERE among the 185,000ish people who work for Comcast to help me pay Dad's last bill. I've got power of attorney. I have death certificate. I have a bill with the account number. 

It seems that Comcast/Xfinity's policy for grieving families is to make things as DIFFICULT as humanly possible. There are no privacy issues because I am not asking for any information (and also I have the POA and death certificate). I just want to give you my credit card number to make a payment on someone else's account.

I honestly don't get it. I could just not pay this bill. If I tear it up, you'll never get your money (unless you've got a collections agency in the afterlife).

Why is this so hard?

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5 months ago

Hello @user_f4pqq8, thank you for taking the time to reach out on social media.

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and want to make this process as easy as possible for you.


If you would like to close the account take the following steps:

Visit our bereavement support page here https://xfin.tv/3bu4fyp.

After completing the security check, choose Close the account permanently and upload the documents listed.

Note: If you do not have the death certificate, you must download and fill out the Comcast affidavit to continue.

Enter information about the deceased and yourself and click Continue. Please note that some fields are required.

You’ll be asked when you would like to disconnect services on the account. You have a few options here:

If you’d like to disconnect the services as soon as possible, choose Disconnect now.

If you’d like the services to continue for a while, choose Select a different date to disconnect, then select a date to disconnect up to 60 days after the current date.

To avoid billing for services that have gone unused, you can pre-date the service disconnection by choosing Select a different date to disconnect and selecting a date up to 120 days before the current date.

Once you’ve chosen when to disconnect the services, click Continue.

Next, let us know where to mail the final statement. You can choose an address already associated with the account or enter a new one. When you’re done, click Continue.

Review all the information you entered to make sure it’s correct, then click Submit.

You’ll see a confirmation message, along with information on how to return any equipment.



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This doesn't help me. I already closed the account when I dropped off the equipment. I just want to pay the final statement.

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Also, this doesn't address:

  • The phone tree was [Edited: "Language"]
  • The CSR didn't mention a bereavement support process/page
  • The CSR claimed there was no possible person I could speak to (like maybe a mgr who would be aware of a bereavement support process/page)
  • The CSR hung up on me

Dad is being cremated. I'm thinking the best course of action is probably to follow the CSRs advice and bring him into the store. I've got a friend who works for the major newspaper in my market. I'll invite the local press so they are aware of how absurd this all is. That will be great.


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@user_f4pqq8   Protecting accounts and the customer information is a priority for phone agents, and it is necessary to work with the account owner regarding any details above general assistance. If the account is closed already, an additional profile to manage the account is not allowed since its closed. You can however still make the final payment over the phone using the steps here https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/pay-your-bill-echat. If you decide to do so in person, you can show that you're the care taker with a certificate or court approved documents. 

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