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Fri, Sep 11, 2020 8:00 AM

Our bill went from $77 to $101 for no reason?

Hello and Thank you for your time to help!
We are retired 70 year olds who literally cannot afford paying this much so I spoke to billing support about a month ago, a very kind lady. I asked her if she might be able to help and after she spent awhile she told me she had “good news”, and that our bill would be $67 (+tax), “sometime in September but could not say when? 3 weeks later (today 09/11/20), I received an email stating our Autopay would be (you guessed it!), $101 on 10/01/20? The lady was so kind and assured me our bill would go back down “around September 1 to sometime in September!” She said, “Don’t worry Mr. Michael, it WILL go down soon!”
I not only trusted her, but after speaking to her for at least 20 minutes that day about 3 weeks ago, I thought she said she was in the Philippines but not positive, but she was again, confident and kind to me, and REASSURING!
I feel very hurt wondering if this was some sort of “tell the customer what they want to hear”, but I sure hope not? We like our XFINITY Blast even though after leaving our living room where our gateway is, our signal is moderately lower, maybe 50-60, vs. 243mbs?
But we have not complained, but we were thinking about adding Comcast TV, along with our present Voice and Internet bundled for possibly a better price?
(However we are dealing with many Dr. and health issues that we are concerned with and just wondering if anyone can help here?)
Do you feel the support person knew our bill would go down to where it was at $77 for over a year, and actually with Autopay it would be $67?
Or were we given inaccurate billing information?
Thank you so much
Mike & Kathy


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