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Fri, Nov 12, 2021 2:02 AM


Netflix hacked on my TV?

This has become a [Edited: "Language"]

After my wife and I drove to Texas from Maryland and returned, our Netflix acct had been hacked/changed. It was showing in Spanish and was no longer under the correct email address.

I was able to sign out of my Netflix acct and recreate it via Netflix. 
But now we’re being billed monthly AND Comcast is also paying it. I called Comcast today to try to fix it. Their suggestions made it worse. The Spanish account issue came back and I’m unable to sign out because all of logins require PINs. [Edited: "Language"]

Comcast has no more suggestions and suggests the problem is with Netflix. What the…????

FWIW:  I can log into my Netflix account via my browser just fine. 


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9 m ago

Good morning, @GWWinCloverHill, and thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums page with your Netflix account concerns. I'm sorry to see that you've had an issue with your account recently impacting your viewing experience on your X1 box.


Comcast is solely a bill-through agent for Netflix. We are unable to monitor accounts, view account details, change a Netflix account status, or help with things like login issues. This includes when you are using the Netflix app on your X1 platform.


The information you received previously that you would need to work with Netflix regarding your concerns was correct information, since we are unable to access their systems. I truly apologize if this is not the answer you were hoping to find here, and I hope you are able to work with Netflix to get this resolved so you can go back to enjoying their service on your X1 platform. -Macey

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