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Thu, May 13, 2021 8:48 AM

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I feel I have to say something because of a few reasons. First off my step-son is eligible for free internet through the public school system however I in needing a cable tv service call Xfinity and was told that to be able to get cable tv I would lose the free internet. I'm quite appalled at what the rep said when I asked why that was. He stated if I can afford cable I can afford to pay for internet. Well I am glad that Xfinity feels that they somehow now what I can and can't afford because now i'm receiving bills of $285 dollars when it was supposed to be under $200 a month not to mention they bill a month in advance I've two extreme emergencies since April 28th and when I called yesterday to get a simple 2 to 3 day extension longer the lady told me well if they disconnect you can just wait the couple days and pay it then when I have a child who needs internet for school. I don't appreciate Xfinity stating they think I can afford cable so I can't get the free internet my step son is ENTITLED TOO. Also have had two outages, internet going in and out constantly and supposed to another interruption today but I can't get a little help????


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Good morning, @user_11b4e1, and thank you for reaching out through our Community Forums page with your billing and service concerns. This is definitely not the experience we want for any of our valued customers, and I can understand how frustrating this would have been for you. Rest assured, you've reached the right team to review your account and provide any available assistance we can offer.


To be able to locate and access your account and maintain security, we'll need you to send us a Private Chat Message with your first and last name, the name of the primary account holder (if different), and your service address.

To send us a Private Chat Message, select the message icon in the top right corner and then search for Xfinity support. With our new Xfinity support chat, you do not need to input the name of a person. Just select “Xfinity Support” and you will be able to speak with the next available specialist.


I truly appreciate your time and attention to your account concerns, and look forward to hearing from you to look into this further with you!

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