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Tue, Jun 28, 2022 10:01 AM

My bill

My bill is out rangeous and continues to go up I've been a customer for 4yrs and I'm trying to get my bill down before having to shut it off and go to another company my bill is 434.67$ I'm trying to pay 234.67 by 7/03/22 then another 200.00$ on the 7/08/22 they tell me no it's crazy cause times are very hard for single working father it's crazy that my bill is this high.

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2 m ago

Good morning. Thank you for taking time out of your morning and reaching out to us on Facebook with your concerns. I assure you, I'm the right person to assist you with your billing. May I have your first and last name and your full-service address so that I can better assist you? 

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