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Thu, Sep 17, 2020 8:00 AM

My bill went up by double what you PROMISED me it would be.

If you say something, you need to follow through.  I was told my bill would go up, after fees/takes, by no more than $55-60.  It went up $105.  That is so wrong it is upsetting.  You said you would send me in an email what it should be--but you never have.   You say one thing, do another and bill at a higher rate--that is an abuse of rights and straight up fraudulent when money is involved.  You need to correct it and being on hold for 45 minutes on my end is plain rude.  You have room for improvement and owe me an explaination.  It is the most dishonest a company has portrayed itself yet. to me.



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8 m ago

Hi there, @mountaindavis


I want to help you out. The email that would of been sent out is the usual bill that is sent every month to you via postal mail or digitally. On the bill is where it will break down any changes in price. This will be done 1 month in advance. 


I can help pull up your old promotional pricing, see the change, and explain what happened. From there we can look at some options to lower the pricing to help out. 


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