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Thu, Feb 18, 2021 11:00 PM

Lost Return In Transit... being charged for equipment that I returned to a store for over 1 year

Hi... so when I first began on my current plan I had a TV box that I never used because I didn't own a TV. On Nov 2019 I was cleaning my apartment and brought the TV box to a store to return in as instructed with it in a box and shipping label. In fact, I can still see the return when I look at my returns in my account. It says the return was initiated on November 9, 2019, package was scanned, and finally, package in transit. That's the end of it.


Obviously the tracking # provided doesn't lead anywhere now that it's been so long, and I honestly didn't bother checking it because I had faith the package would make its way over and put it out of mind. Now unfortunately... I've been made aware I'm STILL being charged $4.85 equipment rental fees, and this would have continued since Nov 2019... The fee is small so it was hard for me to notice my bill had changed significantly. I did return the box, I don't have it anymore, and the package being lost by UPS is out of my control.


So, I'm hoping to be refunded the equipment & services fee for the bills from Dec 2019 - present. I also obviously would not like to see the fee in the future -- this should be taken care of by me as I'm changing my plan to one with no TV equipment fees.


It's been a year since but thanks for any help you can provide. 



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4 m ago

Hello @kaicchan! We appreciate you for using the Xfinity Forum to share your experience. I can definitely understand why this would be a concern of yours. Generally, we can't go back that far. However, I want to review your account to see what I can do to help make this right. To get started, send a private message with your full name and the account holder's name, if different than you, and the numbers associated with your service address.


To send me a message, click on my name, "ComcastChe," then click send a message. 

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