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Thu, Dec 31, 2020 8:00 AM

"Looks like you don't have any accounts"?

I moved, and had my serviced moved from one apartment to another. Its been a while since i've logged in, but since new years is coming and Xfinity routinely likes to mess with monthly rates, I logged in to try and check and see if any changes to my rates were happening. When i logged in, it says "Looks like you don't have any accounts" "You owe $0.00" and "Looks like you can't make changes to this plan, please contact the account owner to continue".  I am the account owner. I am the one who has been paying the bill and I have been paying it since I opened the account a few years ago, and it has correctly charged me every month since I have moved in July. If I am not the account owner of my own account, who is? And if $0.00 is due, why I am being charged every month then? This needs to be corrected. I tried to have this corrected a few months ago right after I moved, and the agent I spoke with kept not undestanding me. Eventually he said he had fixed it, and out of frustration, I just said okay and hung up. I never checked to see if it was actually fixed, and upon logging in today, I still see these same messsages. What is up with this and how can I review/manage the account I am paying for it it doesn't allow me to view, manage or change anything at all? 


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7 m ago

Hi, ashleytaylor57. Thank you for posting here for support!


This is a bummer. We definitely want to help you get logged back into your account. If you follow the prompts listed here: are you able to find your current/correct account?

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