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Sun, Nov 1, 2020 10:00 AM

Improper charge

I knew this was bound to happen. I have been charged $19.99 on my Oct. 26 bill (account #) for "Love/monsters HD." No, I did not intentionally order it, watch it, or even know it existed. Please credit my next bill $19.99.

I write "intentionally" because I have always felt, in the short time I have been subjected to your current screen gibberish, that it would be all to easy to "order" something by mistake. I have found this "new" (to me) format to be cumbersome and and my wife has given up attempting to change channels to what she wants. It has been my intent to ask that you return my screen to what it was before, but never got around to it since it was installed after our move. Could you please do this for us?(Yes -- I am 93, my wife 89.) Thank you.



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