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Fri, Dec 18, 2020 1:00 PM

How to move Xfinity mobile account to new Xfinity address/account



I have established new Xfinity service at different address and wish to move my Xfinity mobile account to the new address/account. There will be a period (unceratin exact length, but at least a month) when both Xfinity accounts are active. I have linked the 2 Zfinity accounts, but do not see a way to associate the Xfinity mobile account with the newly created account. How to I get my Xfinity mobile account assoiated with my new Xfinity account/address?







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1 m ago

Were you able to do this?  I have tried for three months and 10+ reps with no success and haven’t been able to access the xfiniry mobile site since I tried. 

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