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Sun, Nov 29, 2020 8:00 PM

How to deal with being lied to by Comcast during Covid-19?

Back in June I used Xfinity assistant to chat with an agent about discontinuing my Xfinity television services. I was told I couldn’t until I paid my bill off. So, even though I was unemployed and struggling, I continued to pay for Xfinity television services although I didn’t want, need, or use it.

In July I was put on a six month service arrangement where I could pay off my late bill, but was still told I couldn’t change to internet only until my bill was paid off.

So by this point, I am being charged over $200 a month, mostly for services I didn’t want, but was told I COULD NOT change without paying off my bill. But, I start getting messages asking me to return equipment.

Yup, that’s right... being asked to return equipment for a service that I was still being charged for! Why would you ask for equipment back when you told me NO to dropping my TV services.

THEN, I beg another agent for help. They tell me to pay off $312 to bring my bill down, and they can change my services. So, I do and am told to call a WRONG number! So, I expect my services had to have been changed. But NOPE!!!

So, I contact my fourth agent in four months, and FINALLY she tells me she can change my services no problem. She even ACKNOWLEDGED that I was being asked to return equipment that was still labeled as “active”. She was the only helpful person.

So, I didn’t use TV services from June to October, but was CHARGED for it. Now, I’m without my internet service because it was suspended because I REFUSE to pay for services I didn’t want but was told I HAD to continue being charged for!

In the middle of a pandemic, while I’m unemployed struggling to survive, I was told no and then lied to over and over again. Now, after many years of service, I can not take it anymore deception. Being charged for four months of TV service on top of being harassed for equipment back, and being LIED to. You’ve lost yourself a very loyal customer. You should be ASHAMED of actions and policies during this pandemic. History will not look back kindly on this company.


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7 m ago

Hi there, @Lu-kasp


We would love to help improve your experience with our team here at the Xfinity forums. We can take a look into your account and bill and go from there. Can you please private message me your full name and service address? Thank you for posting to our Xfinity Community forums. 
To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastMartin" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.

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