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Wed, Aug 5, 2020 1:00 PM

How are you still in business?

Alright I have to start off by saying, the only reason I'm so absolutely fed up with your service is that you are, for some reason, the only cable internet provider in all of south Chicago. You have such a strangle hold on this and the midwest's market I already know for a fact i'm not the only area to suffer from this. But let me list a few reasons why I will never be a monthly customer of yours again and i'm really interested to see what someone working for you even has to say about any of this.

1. You admit to increasing your customer's bill without their knowledge. This is in your policy taught to at least the salespeople chartered to various big-box stores advertising your internet service if not all your employees.


2. You have a systematic process of avoiding your customers. I have many, many times been transferred after waiting on hold to resolve what i believed to be a very simple billing issue (for long enough to make some people hang up) just to be told by the associate im transferred to, either the exact same thing, or they can't help me, or even in my latest interaction, they have no idea why I was transferred. I have never one single time called Comcast and been helped in timely fashion, and very, very few times even gotten my issue resolved at all. This is blatant disrespect.

3. You have a systematic process of false advertising. Ill just give my most recent example even though this has happened to me countless times attempting to use your service.
I was advertised a $20/month subscription plan after moving into my new apartment. I also noticed the box could be ordered and installed by myself saving just a few dollars over the competing AT&T DSL service, my only alternative. I work from my computer so i try to avoid slow or unstable internet service even though my actual monthly bandwidth draw is extremely low. So i order this $20/month subscription, thinking ill give xfinity one more shot, its only $20 a month what can I lose. Boy was I wrong

So the box doesn't show up for a month

By the time I get the box I call to activate it and it doesn't work so I have to pay for a tech to install it anyways. If I had known this i would have just went with AT&T, bit the bullet and taken the dsl connection. But I pay the $75 fee triple what my monthly plan is to begin with. I need internet so I can work.

I call to activate the box. And i'm told, since that plan is no longer advertised, they won't be able to give it to me. The best I can do is autopay, paperless billing yadda yadda on the $50 plan to bring it down to, surprise surprise, $40, twice what was advertised to me. So now, i'm in for double what I was expecting to pay this year in internet. Before it's even connected.

But unfortunately, it doesn't end there. I try calling in to dispute this and am told, since i'm calling halfway through my billing cycle, they won't be able to do anything for me. They can't even set anything up for my next billing cycle. I have to call "in a week or so" to be inside the right window, so the rep can make changes to my account to bring it to what was originally advertised to me. This is a truly ludicrous request.

I didn't call back, and wait on hold for a half hour and then get transferred again, Covid-19 hit and I was stuck at home and could use your service for $15 a month. Which is the closest to what was originally offered to me as I had ever seen.

As soon as your financial whatever grace period ended, I called back in to try to restore my account again, to what was originally advertised, the $20 per month. I was actually willing to pay off my balance to get that. Let me make something clear. I AM NO LONGER interested in any service you offer. DO NOT advertise your service to me.

Upon learning, all of this, I attempted to close my account. To which I was told, the rep can't close my account, because I have an overdue balance. I said, just close my account. And they said. Sir i'm locked out of your account.

So. The only person I, the customer, can access, is unable to handle my requests to my account, in any way, due to a billing issue that you refused to resolve, after wasting another hour of my time waiting on hold.

Whoever is reading this, Do yourself a favor and don't get xfinity. Don't get them for your internet provider, don't get them for your tv, don't put them inside your house. Don't work for them, don't work with them. They do not want to help you. Avoid them at all costs.

Thanks for reading



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