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Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 11:00 PM

Goodbye XFinity

Dear XFinity,

As much as I want to stay with you and your double play services, I realized that its been a one-way relationship for the past 20 years.  You enticed me with that cute sweet looking price and the nice employees.  The internet worked well for me except for that one time when I hosted the fantasy football draft at my house.  You decided to disappear when I needed you the most.  I didn't understand why you couldn't notify me ahead of time that you were repairing some cables 5 blocks away and would cause an outage.  Sometimes you did good communicating with me and other times just terrible.  Throughout the years we shared some good times and as we aged together those good times were becoming fewer and fewer.  It always broke my heart that our anniversary always seemed to be the most contentious of times.  I don't understand that at all.  It should be a cause for wonderful celebration of staying together and looking forward to being together for another 2 years! 

Sadly, as I got older and wiser, I realized that you only liked me for my money and nothing else.  You took my money and went on a shopping spree throughout the years and purchased silly things like NBCUniversal, E! Entertainment, 10-year sponsorships to NASCAR, Rights to Broadcast NFL games and many more!  I understand you needed your space to grow but now you have gotten so big, and I feel so tiny next to you.  Well, it's our anniversary time again and this time around you have changed so much that I don't recognize you anymore.  You tell me that you love me and value me but then you keep raising your prices on me.  I tried patiently talking to you and asking if you could help me out and show me some love.  Unfortunately, you said no.

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